The food journey continues…

Me and The Real Meal Revolution

The only constant in life is change, so they say… And boy, how this sentence has applied to me over the last 3 or 4 years since I moved to Cape Town!

The word ‘change’ particularly centres around food. The banting diet was introduced to me by my step mom, who as you know, by reading my previous post, is Diabetic. I started on the diet in December after receiving the ‘Real Meal Revolution’ cookbook for Christmas, which I was ecstatic about because as a family we had been cooking the recipes from the book, prior to Christmas, and they were all delicious! I was also excited about the part in the book where it mentioned reversing Candida, as this seems to be my life’s mission.

Don’t get me wrong, I was hugely skeptical at first – all my life I had been taught that fat was bad and here this book and my step mom were telling me that it was in fact good! WHAT?! But she was adamant, and kept telling me how amazing she felt and that carbs were actually the huge issue – especially the hidden ones that we completely take for granted – such as the carbs in tomatoes and onions, which all add up and convert to sugar in our bodies – the stuff that Candida thrives on!

The fat is what keeps us fuller for longer and prevents us from wanting to snack on those pesky carbs, but it must be good fats – such as grass fed butter, full fat cream and coconut oil. This part did actually make sense to me – as these were the fats I was told to eat on the Candida diet anyway.

The part that was a huge shock to me and really made me think, was the hidden carb part. When reading food labels, I had been so focused on watching out for anything that contained sugar, gluten, yeast, but I had never once thought to check the carb content.

So I had always thought that rice, potatoes and legumes were perfectly fine because they contained none of the ingredients that are ‘bad for you’ on the Candida diet – until I read the carb contents and almost fell over at the quantity. But, these are the obvious carbs – delving deeper into foods is where it becomes interesting…

The Atkins Carb Counter and The Carb Counter have been hugely beneficial in figuring out how many carbs are in foods, when the labels don’t provide this info.

If you are an active person you should have about 50g of carbs per day and if you are Diabetic, just 20g of carbs is what you should have in order to function at your best.

My step mom is now on a very strict low carb, high fat diet and is showing signs of improvement every day; she is off Insulin and her doctor has prescribed herbal tablets that contain goodness such as chromium, cinnamon and magnesium. She has never felt better and swears by the LCHF way of eating.

As for me, I didn’t put on an ounce of weight in December, which was a first! I have so much more energy, my mind is clear, no more funny dizzy-light-headed-zoning-out spells. I just feel great!

I have always found it easy to create my own recipes – so making up my own meals, based around the banting diet has been a breeze and it’s so easy to stick to the diet when going out – I don’t feel deprived at all – which is awesome!

I’ve also found a new passion because of this diet and that is baking and creating desserts that are gluten free and sugar free, LCHF, banting and diabetic friendly.

On 1st April 2014 I decided to make this my career full time and that’s when Sweet Like Candi the business was born 🙂

Banting Meals:

Banting Meals

1. Asian-Style Chicken Breast with Coconut-Citrus Sauce 2. Baked Yellowtail with Lemon, Bacon, Tomato and Shirataki Noodles 3. Cottage Pie with Cauliflower Mash 4. Almond Flapjacks with Cherries and Mascarpone Cream 5. Chicken Nachos made with flaxseed and ground almonds and Chilli Poppers with Flaxseed Crumb

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