Recipe Index



Detox-Boosting Juice


Chocolate Cake (Flourless and Sugar Free)

Spiced Chocolate Pumpkin and Pecan Cake (Banting, Gluten Free and Sugar Free)

Vanilla Lemon and Coconut (Flourless and Sugar Free)

Carrot Cake (Flourless and Sugar Free)


Low Carb Seed Loaf

Pizza Base:

Cauliflower Pizza Base


Lemon and Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta with Spiced Almond and Coconut Crumble


Sugar Free Gummy Sweets


Chai Spiced Butternut Soup with Crispy Onion Bits and Toasted Chai Seeds


Spinach and Feta Brown Rice Risotto

Avo and Mozzarella Risotto Balls with Spicy Tomato Sauce and Basil Oil

Crepes and Wraps:

Crepes Made with Coconut Flour

Crepe Lasagne

Low Carb Cauli-Roti


Avo Ritz Mousse with Micro Herbs and Caper Berries

Ice Cream:

Avo, Vanilla and Burnt Honey Ice Cream

Avo and Horseradish Ice Cream (Savoury)


Pan Fried Fillet of Fish with Avo and Coconut Veloute, topped with Avo and Horseradish Ice Cream and Sweet Chilli Sauce

Sauces and Spreads:

Avo and Coconut Veloute (a white sauce made with stock instead of milk)

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Spicy Tomato Sauce


Sun butter


7 thoughts on “Recipe Index

  1. I’ve just found you via the Real Meal Revolution fb page and LOVE the look of some of your recipes. I’ve been counting carbs since mid November & have lost 18kgs with about the same loss still to achieve. Hit a few plateaus but generally coping well, even eating out. I do miss pasta & bread occasionally, tried so many bread recipes over the months but generally too sweet for my palate. Your fish recipe I’ll try tonight but without the mash for me (could sub with cauli mash). The Panna Cotta looks like a winner & I’m keen too to try the other ice cream. Strangely I never had a sweet tooth until I ventured on this journey. Thanks so much for being so generous with your recipes and I wish you HUGE success with your business, just wish Durban wasn’t so far away! Warm regards, Terry.

    • Hi Terry, thanks for the comment 🙂 Congrats on your achievement so far – that’s amazing! I wish you every success on your food journey and please let me know how the recipes go 🙂 Best regards, Leaine xx

      • Hi Leaine, sorry the weather’s closing in in your neck of the woods sufficient to close the market tomorrow. Still stunning in Durban 28 today & tomorrow, 30 expected Sat but then the cold front hits u, drops to 18 on Sun. Good time to stay home & bake methinks. Just copied the recipe for the Chocolate Pumpkin & Pecan Nut cake, looks yummy. Are you at the Cap de Classique Champagne festival in Franschhoek at the end of November? We’ve booked to stay there for 3 days 27-30 Nov. Love to taste your quiches! Otherwise where else can I find you, we’re in Newlands for the next 4 days. Can I have an email address to send you a recipe i recently unearthed from recipes I haven’t done in years due to calorie counting? It really fits with my low carbing & I’m hoping you’ll like it enough to add to your arsenal of savoury treats. Warm regards, Terryxx

      • Hi Terry, thanks for the message. So sorry, I kept forgetting to reply! 😦 No I won’t be at the bubbly festival, I don’t think. But Newlands is very central to either Gardens or Tokai (which are where the markets are that I’m at on thurs, fri and sat) or else I’m based in Sea Point. Yes, I’d love to see the recipe – my email address is Look forward to it. Best regards, Leaine xx

  2. Hi 🙂 are all of your recipes okay for a Candida diet? I recently got diagnosed and am still learning and exploring all the goods and bads!


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